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SHONEN JUMP, published in North America by Viz Media, debuted in November 2002, with a January 2003 cover date. Though based on Weekly Sh?nen Jump, the English language Shonen Jump is retooled for English readers and the American audience and is published monthly, instead of weekly.  It features serialized chapters from seven manga series, and articles on Japanese language and culture, manga, anime, video games, and figurines. In conjunction with the magazine, Viz launched new imprints for releasing media related to the series presented in the magazine, and other sh?nen works. This includes two new manga imprints, an anime DVD imprint, a fiction line for releasing light novels, a label for fan and data books, and a label for the release of art books.

Prior to the magazine’s launch, Viz launched an extensive marketing campaign to promote the magazine and help it succeed where other manga anthologies in North America have failed.Shueisha purchased an equity interest in Viz to help fund the venture,  and Cartoon Network, Suncoast, and Diamond Distributors became promotional partners in the magazine. The first issue required three printings to meet demand, with over 300,000 copies sold. It was awarded the ICv2 “Comic Product of the Year” award in December 2002, and has continued to enjoy high sales with a monthly circulation of 215,000 in 2008      (ref:




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